Regional Coordinators played an integral role in all aspects of work with atlas volunteers and data collection. These leaders in bird monitoring deserve tremendous recognition for their dedication to recruiting volunteers, coordinating fieldwork, and continually reviewing data for their regions, and are listed by region number as follows:

26/28 John Tautin
27/29 Chuck Gehringer
30      Florence McGuire
31      Don Watts, Ted Grisez, and Scott Stoleson
32      John Fedak
33      David Hauber and Keith McKenrick
34      Mary and Larry Hirst
35      Robert Ross and Philip Krajewski
36      Jeff Holbrook
37      Robert Fowles
38      Jerry Skinner
39      Nancy Wottrich
40      Barbara Leo
42      Randy Stringer, Linda Wagner and Suzanne Butcher
43      Gary Edwards and Russ States
44      Carole Winslow and Michael Leahy
45      Patricia Conway
46      Jocelynn Smrekar
47      Bob Martin
48      Greg Grove and Nick Bolgiano
49      Wayne Laubscher
50      Daniel Brauning
51      Douglas Gross
52      Bill Hintze and Chuck Berthoud
53      Glenn Czulada and Jim Hoyson
54/55 Terry Master
56      Jim Bonner
57      Brian Shema and JoAnn Albert
58      Mark McConnaughy
59      Margaret and Roger Higbee
60      Rory Bower
61      Margaret Brittingham
62      James Dunn and Roana Fuller
63      Mark Henry
64     Allen Schweinsberg
65     Deuane Hoff man
66     Mike Ward and Dave Kruel
67/68 Arlene Koch and Bernie Morris
70      Roy Ickes
71      Mike Fialkovich
72      Dick Byers
73      Janet and Tom Kuehl
74      Neil Woffinden
75      David and Trudy Kyler
76      Mike Lanzone and Dan Ombalski
77      Ramsay Koury
78      Sandy and Gary Lockerman
79      Randy Miller and Rosemary Spreha
80      Steve and Sue Fordyce
81      F. Arthur McMorris
82/83  Bill Etter
84/85  Terry Dayton
86/87  Mark Bowers and Jeff and Retta Payne
88/89  Dan Snell and Regina Reeder
90/91  Dale Gearhart
92/93  Chuck Berthoud, and Chris Cunningham
94/95/96 Doris McGovern

Thanks also to these regional coordinators who helped us get started but who were unable to continue as coordinators after the first season: JoAnn Davis, Barbara McGlaughlin, Karen Lippy, and Mark Blauer.