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Andrew M. Wilson Photograph
Andrew M. Wilson

Andrew M. Wilson

Andy Wilson has been a birder since early childhood. He is lucky enough to have made his hobby into a career, first in the UK then in the USA. He worked at the British Trust for Ornithology for 10 years (1994-2004), organizing national bird surveys and conducting research on the effects of agricultural change on farmland birds. During that time, Andy also had the opportunity to lead birdwatching holidays for tour company Naturetrek, visiting Morocco, Jordan and Peru.

Andy moved to Pennsylvania in 2004, joining Dr. Margaret Brittingham’s lab at Penn State, where he completed a PhD thesis in Ecology: “Bird Population Responses to Conservation Grasslands in Pennsylvania”. Concurrent with graduate school, Andy was a professional fieldworker with the Second Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas during all six field seasons, carrying out bird point counts at more than 4,000 locations across The Commonwealth. Following the completion of fieldwork Andy joined the Atlas editorial team, taking the lead on data analysis and map production.

Following a Post-doctoral position with the US Geological Survey at Patuxent, MD, Andy joined the faculty at Gettysburg College, PA, where he is now an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies department. He lives with his wife and two children in Frederick, MD.

Daniel W. Brauning Photograph
Daniel W. Brauning

Daniel W. Brauning

Dan Brauning joined the Pennsylvania Game Commission as the ornithologist in 1990, he now juggles the multi-faceted issues of bird and mammal research and management as the Supervisor of the Wildlife Diversity Program.  Duties include setting budgets, coordination and dissemination of research results, oversight of personnel, and promotion of ‘non-game’ issues,.  Dan assists with a number of state and regional projects, including the advisory role of Project Director of the Second Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas Project (2004-2008), recovery of Peregrine Falcons (I'm illustrated with a nestling, at left),  and others.
He received a B.S. in Biology from Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA in 1979 and then went on to receive a M.S. from the Interdisciplinary Program in Ecology, at the Pennsylvania State University (1982).  His thesis was on nest-sites selection strategies of the American kestrel.  Prior to coming to the Game Commission, Dan served as project coordinator of the first Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas Project.  He completed that effort as editor of the book, the Atlas of the Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania (1992).   In 2000 he co-authored, with Gerald McWilliams, The Birds of Pennsylvania.

Dan was born and raised within the city limits of Philadelphia.  He had formative outdoor experiences in the extensive park system of that city and on farms of extended family in Nebraska and Kansas.  He is happily married to Marcia and father of three boys.  Hobbies include his sons’ sporting events, bird watching, ecotourism, and gardening.   He is active in his church.

Robert S. Mulvihill Photograph
Robert S. Mulvihill

Robert S. Mulvihill

Bob Mulvihill grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where he currently serves as ornithologist for the National Aviary.  In 1978, while attending the University of Pittsburgh, Bob began volunteering at Powdermill Nature Reserve, the field research station of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, where he helped Bob Leberman at the renowned Powdermill bird-banding station.  He received a B.S. in Education (Biology) in 1980 and was hired as a bird-banding assistant at Powdermill in 1983.  While working full-time, Bob pursued graduate studies, eventually receiving an M.S. in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1993 for his thesis, “Interspecific Variation in the Flight Morphology of Eastern Wood Warblers.”  In 1996 he launched what has proven to be a very productive long-term field study of the Louisiana Waterthrush as an indicator of stream water quality.  Bob has authored more than 30 scientific articles on a wide range of subjects including molt, migration, eco-morphology, and breeding biology.

Bob was a regional coordinator and species account author for the first Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania, and he served as the statewide project coordinator for the Second Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas from 2003-2010.  In 2013, Bob brought Neighborhood Nestwatch, a unique citizen-science project created by fellow researchers at the Smithsonian Institution, to backyard bird-lovers in the greater Pittsburgh area.  Bob and his wife, Pam, a librarian, live happily in Pleasant Hills with their cat, “Mo”, twenty-three year old beagle, “Puppy”, and two, sometimes-free-ranging chickens, “Henny” and “Clucky”.


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  • Cokie Lindsay, Project Administrative Assistant and Newsletter Editor
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